Bunny Plush

The rabbit is popular; it inhabits children's stories. From birth, the little one sees rabbits everywhere: on their bodysuits, pajamas, socks, clothes, as well as on baby equipment and accessories: bedding, bibs, towels, dishes, etc.

The rabbit is also a

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The rabbit is popular; it inhabits children's stories. From birth, the little one sees rabbits everywhere: on their bodysuits, pajamas, socks, clothes, as well as on baby equipment and accessories: bedding, bibs, towels, dishes, etc.

The rabbit is also a domestic friend, who, due to its size and the little space it occupies, finds its way into families when they have a small garden. The rabbit is herbivorous. It does not eat other animals; it is harmless to other animals and children. It, therefore, has a benevolent and completely positive image.

The rabbit is even used for Easter. Depending on the country or region, it's not the bells but the rabbits that deposit eggs in the gardens. It is eagerly awaited, like Santa Claus.

The word "rabbit" itself is often used by parents to affectionately name their child. It is thus by imitation that the child can call their rabbit plush toy, as their parents do with them: my little bunny, bunny, etc.

The rabbit thus has many advantages; it has everything going for it. It's an animal full of qualities, generous, warm, gentle.

The rabbit plush toy and the character of the rabbit in children's imagination

The nursery rhymes learned at home and in preschool that contain rabbits are numerous: "My Little Bunny," "My Little Bunny Has a Lot of Sorrow," "In His House, a Big Stag," etc. The rabbit is consequently already very close to children even before it is chosen for a plush toy.

The rabbit is one of the first animal names learned by children, long before entering preschool. The farm theme is well represented in documentary books for toddlers, educational games like lotto, memory games, games about food. Children already have a lot of knowledge about this animal: food, habitat, vocabulary of parents and children, etc.

Children's literature is full of albums populated with rabbit characters: "Bon appétit Monsieur Lapin," "The Quarrel," "The Good Friends," etc. We also find recurring characters, contemporary or older: Jeannot Lapin, Peter Rabbit, Simon the Super Rabbit.

These works of children's literature are abundantly used in preschool classes and even in the years before in nurseries or early childhood facilities.

The rabbit is always represented to its advantage in them. It is generous, it is kind, it has friends. All these character traits are found in rabbit plush toys.

Why do children need a rabbit plush toy?

In addition to the need for a cuddly toy or transitional object, the need to surround oneself with tenderness and softness is paramount for the youngest. It can be fulfilled with their family, parents, siblings, grandparents, but also with pets, toys, or plush toys.

The desire to have a pet is not always possible at home. The companion serves as a confidant, a friend to the child. The rabbit plush toy can substitute for the animal. Moreover, it requires less care, takes up less space than a real rabbit. It also does not transmit diseases to the child. Finally, it is possible to take it everywhere with you unlike a live rabbit or pet.

It is therefore with the greatest naturalness that the rabbit is frequently found in the range of plush toys. Very soft, the rabbit plush toy will be stroked, cuddled, like a real rabbit. It's not just young children who surround themselves with rabbit plush toys. As children grow up, they keep and still seize their rabbit plush toy, until early adolescence and often beyond.

What rabbit plush toys to choose for your child?

In our online store, you will find many models of rabbit plush toys. You can acquire a rabbit plush toy for boys, for girls, at a sweet price, of all sizes, in several colors and patterns. Rabbit plush toys are among the most popular plush toys offered to newborns.

With its large ears, small tail, and four legs, the very young child and the older child can grab any part of the plush toy to hold it, throw it, grab it, suck it, nibble it, put it in their mouth: gestures and basic needs in the youngest.

Solid color rabbit plush toys will appeal to the youngest: white, beige, pink, purple, gray, ...

Then, you will find rabbit plush toys with accessories or motifs: rabbit with a star, bottle, rainbow, carrot, strawberry, or rabbit. The rabbit plush toy also becomes a pillow.

Rabbit plush toys also dress up or disguise themselves: plush toy with a whale hat, with a green, pink, blue outfit, for the pleasure of older children.

As for giant rabbit plush toys, pink, white, or gray, with a height of 90 cm, they will melt the hearts of both young children and teenagers as well as their parents. You can snuggle into them, lean on them to read or play. The giant white rabbit plush toy also serves as a decoration for children's rooms. It brings the softness, tenderness, and comfort necessary for children's rooms. Their pastel colors are soothing.

Our rabbit plush toys are made of cotton, very soft, they are perfect for the sensitive skin of the youngest children. Cotton rabbit plush toys will easily withstand machine washes necessary to maintain good hygiene. Rabbit plush toys are often soiled by drool, tears, so it is necessary to wash them frequently. Our quality plush toys will retain their colors and qualities (softness, flexibility) after several passes in the washing machine.

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