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To ease the transition from home to school, consider the plush backpack! Your child can bring their favorite plush toy directly on their back, their best companion to accompany them throughout the day.

The plush backpack is much more than

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To ease the transition from home to school, consider the plush backpack! Your child can bring their favorite plush toy directly on their back, their best companion to accompany them throughout the day.

The plush backpack is much more than just a simple animal luggage! For your daughter or your son, it represents home, comforting and enveloping. In a context like school where separating from parents and home is uncomfortable, this practical object can serve as a "security blanket." A transitional object that facilitates their daily life and reassures them when needed.

The plush backpack: an ally in everyday life

Their plush backpack, which they know and can cuddle with at any time of the day, will bring them comfort and tenderness at the slightest setback. At the mere sight of their backpack, your child can feel reassured! This plush backpack represents a bond of attachment and a traveling companion.

In addition to being useful for carrying their personal belongings, the plush backpack will become a real ally for your offspring and will follow them in all their adventures! Beyond its attractive market value, your child's plush backpack will take on a true sentimental dimension.

This soft, tender, and cute material object will remind them of their attachment figures and their environment. Moreover, the plush backpacks sold on the website have friendly designs. They are made in different materials, soft or with interesting reliefs. Varied and attractive colors (pink, orange, green, brown...). Original shapes like the rabbit, the bear, or the cat. Your child can play with them and imagine stories.

So don't hesitate and please your child by giving them this gift that will bring them joy, softness, and good mood and that will prove to be an excellent substitute for your presence.

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How to choose the plush backpack for your child?

Investing in a good backpack is very important for the back and posture. Indeed, when they are growing, the youngest ones need quality equipment to accompany them.

The backpack is padded, so it will be relatively softer and lighter than a standard backpack. However, be careful not to overload it to respect and preserve your toddler's spine.

It is best to avoid using shoulder bags because the weight is not evenly distributed on the back. It may thus adopt a bad posture and develop back or neck pain. That's why it's better to favor the use of a backpack with straps as we offer on

For this, our selection guarantees comfort and lightness throughout the day!

Tips for wearing the backpack correctly

Below are some tips for choosing and adjusting the plush backpack.

The important thing is first that it is adapted to their size: if your child is in kindergarten, opt for a lightweight and small model. Moreover, they won't have many things to carry, which won't weigh them down. Remember to check the contents of your child's plush backpack before they leave for school to ensure that it is filled only with necessary items.

For a good fit: the backpack should not exceed your child's shoulders in height, nor protrude from their back in width. The straps must be adjustable and adjustable to be able to place it above your child's buttocks. Tell them that it is not recommended to carry their backpack on one shoulder, as it may unbalance them and cause a deviation in the spine. Adjust the different settings directly on your child's back and check them regularly. A child grows very fast!

To know if your child is wearing it correctly, they should be able to walk straight with their hands on either side of the body, without holding the straps.

Another tip: encourage your child to squat down to lift their backpack off the floor to their level, rather than bending over to grab it. This way, they will preserve their back. And to put it on, advise them to put their plush backpack at their height (on a table, for example) before being able to put the straps on their shoulders safely!

Did you know?

The total weight of a child's luggage should not weigh more than 10% of their weight. So weigh the bag when full and quickly calculate to know if your child's back is properly preserved.

Where to find a high-quality plush backpack?

The online store MisterPlush specializes in the production of quality plush toys. On the website, you will find numerous models that will delight each family member. Safe and hazard-free for your children, the plush toys sold on are mainly made of soft and hypoallergenic cotton. The same goes for the plush backpacks offered in this category. Our prices are affordable, and the shapes are likely to please both girls and boys.

No risk of allergies or unpleasant sensations for your toddler. Conveniently, you can machine wash the plush backpack (gentle cycle) to remove dirt and impurities that may accumulate. Concerned about its production line and a true reference in the plush creation industry, trust to choose the perfect backpack for your child. Discover a wide range of models and find your child's favorite hero. They will be equipped and ready for adventure!

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